Antoine et Antoinette is a French film realized by Jacques Becker, release in 1947.

Personal comments : Louis de Funès is not marked in the credits, but he appears in the film in Emile's role, boy of the grocer at 10 minutes and 58 seconds after the beginning of the film and he says : '' Il y a plus rien ''.

He also appears in the role of a guest to the wedding at 1 hour, 11 minutes and 8 seconds after the beginning of the film but he says nothing, he makes that to applaud.

♦ Synopsis :

The film begins one Friday evening then that Antoine (Roger Pigaut), workman in a printing works and Antoinette (Claire Mafféï), employed in Prisunic of the Fields-Elysées, are on the point of leaving their work to join their residence. Antoinette is tempting and sudden assiduities of a not very scrupulous grocer (Noël Roquevert). The couple, in prey with the difficulties of the material life, in its shortly after war, disputes for trifles and is reconciled on the pillow. Antoine discovers that the lottery ticket bought by Antoinette is gaining; it will be able finally to carry out his dreams and to buy a motorcycle combination. Are followed from there some bounces, ticket lost and found, corrections inflicted with the grocer, walk in the boat on the lake of the wood of Boulogne, match of Foot to the Park of the Princes, and couples it with final, installed on the motorcycle combination moves away on the road.

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : Antoine et Antoinette
  • Realization : Jacques Becker
  • Scenario, Adaptation, Dialogue : Jacques Becker, Maurice Griffe, Françoise Giroud
  • Production assistant : Maurice Griffe, Marcel Camus
  • Images : Pierre Montazel
  • Operator : Roger Dormoy, assisted of Pierre Ancrenaze and Jean Benezech
  • Sound : Jacques Lebreton, assisted of Jacques Carrère
  • Decorations : Robert-Jules Garnier
  • Editing : Marguerite Houlle-Renoir, assisted of Etiennette Muse
  • Music : Jean-Jacques Grünenwald, orchestra supervised of Roger Désormières
  • Make-up : Joseph Mejinsky
  • Script-girl : Colette Crochot
  • Film 35mm, bleck and white
  • Production : New Company of Establishments Gaumont (France)
  • Director of production : Charles-Félix Tavano, René-Gaston Vuattoux, assisted of Jean Goiran
  • General manager : Eugène Nase, assisted of Eric Darbel
  • Photographer of tray  : Lucienne Chevert
  • Shooting in studios of Saint-Maurice and the outsides in Paris from November 3rd, 1946 till April, 1947
  • Distribution : Parisian Company of rent of Films
  • First presentation the October 31st, 1947
  • Duration : 84mn
  • Genre : Comedy drama

♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : Emile the boy grocer and a guest in the wedding
  • Roger Pigaut : Antoine Moulin, worker typographer, husband of Antoinette
  • Claire Maffei : Antoinette Moulin, employee of photoscrew of Prisunic, woman of Antoine
  • Noël Roquevert : Mr Roland, the boss of the grocer's shop
  • Annette Poivre : Juliette, employee R.A.T.P in the station "La Fourche" and neighbour of the couple
  • Jacques Meyran : Mr Barbelot, department manager in Prisunic
  • Gérard Oury : The courteous customer
  • Paulette Jean : Huguette
  • Huguette Faget : Aline, the bride
  • Yette Lucas : The mother of Riton
  • Emile Drain : The father-in-law
  • Pierre Trabaud : Riton, the young boxer
  • Gaston Modot : The cashier of the national lottery
  • François Joux : The bridegroom
  • Charles Camus : The boss of the tobacco
  • Charles Vissières : The accustomed of the tobacco
  • Paul Barge : The butcher
  • Maurice Marceau : Popaul
  • René Stern : A photographer
  • Nicolas Amato : A customer
  • Léon Bary : A traveler
  • Marthe Mellot : The chair attendant
  • Made Siame : The boss of the tobacco
  • Odette Barancey : The laundress
  • Marcelle Hainia : A guest in the wedding
  • Renée Thorel : A buyer of lottery ticket
  • Bob Ingarao : A spectator
  • Pierre Leproux : Marcel
  • Jean-Marc Thibault : A boy grocer
  • Jean-Marc Tennberg : A customer of the tobacco
  • Brigitte Auber : A guest in the wedding
  • Nicole Courcel : Extra
  • Jacqueline Carlier
  • Henry Prestat
  • Maurice Regamey
  • René Sauvaire
  • René Berthier
  • Lucien Arnaud
  • René Pascal
  • Mlle Delacour

♦ Comments :

The film rewarded by the gold 1947 palm for the Festival for Cannes, however did not achieve the unanimity. Roger Boussinot, journalist with Action, reproached Becker for having described a couple of workman whose simple ideals were to clear up the middle-class and wondered about the realism of the representation. Becker answered in the same newspaper, that it seemed to him on the contrary, that Antoine, was to have his union card, while it French screen, went on the spot, a printing works and the prisunic, to check the authenticity of description.