Fantômas contre Scotland Yard is a film Franco-Italian freely adapted novels Fantômas of Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Alain, realized by André Hunebelle and release in 1967.

Afterwards Fantômas in 1964 and Fantômas se dêchaine in 1965, it is the third and last shutter of trilogy of André Hunebelle devoted to Fantômas, genius of the crime.

♦ Synopsis :

Fantômas will impose to the rich person (noble and to gangsters) a "tax on the right to live". The police chief Juve, the Fandor journalist and Helene, promised in marriage of this last, have the role of capturing Fantômas. They go then in Scotland, in the typical haunted castle of the richissime owner of the places, Lord Edward Mac Rashley who is one of the preys of the criminal. Juve, supposed to protect the lord of the manor is as usual, itself victim of the macabre humour of Fantômas, which uses and misuses his extravagant escapades and its famous cavernous laughter.

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : Fantômas contre Scotland Yard
  • Realization : André Hunebelle and for the second team Michel Wyn
  • Scenario : According to the characters create by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain
  • Adaptation : Jean Halain et Pierre Foucaud
  • Dialogues : Jean Halain
  • Production assistants : Jean-Pierre Desagnat, Michel Salès, Nicolas Kohalmi
  • Music : Michel Magne (Editions Hortensia)
  • Decorations : Max Douy, assisted of Jacques Douy and André Robert
  • Production : Artistic Production and Film (France), New Society of Etablishments Gaumont (France), Fair Film (Italy)
  • Director of production : Cyril Grize
  • Delegated producer : Paul Cadéac and Alain Poiré
  • Producer's assistant : Jeanne-Marie Liron
  • Sound : René-Christian Forget
  • Perchman : Jean Jak
  • Editing : Pierre Gilette, assisted of Ghislaine Desionqueres and Colette Lambert
  • Images : Marcel Grignon and Vladimir Ivanov, for the second team
  • Operator : Georges Pastier, Bernard Noisette, assisted of Robert Fraisse, Roger Gleize, Marcel Gillot
  • Script-girl : Charlotte Lefèvre and Marie-Thérèse Cabon for the second team
  • Special effect : Gérard Cogan
  • Equestrian adviser : François Nadal
  • Fights settled by Claude Carliez
  • Air sequences of Gérard Streiff
  • General manager : René Fargeas
  • Assistant manager : Jacques Pradel, Chantal Larouette
  • Interior designer : Henri Labussière
  • Shooting : Daniel Couteau
  • Création costumes : Mireille Leydet
  • Wardrobe master : Jo Ranzato, Ginette Manzon
  • Make-up : René Daudin, Anatole Paris
  • Hairdresser : Marc Blanchard
  • Property man : François Sune, Michel Sune
  • Photographer of tray : Roger Corbeau
  • Shooting in the studios of Boulogne, in the castle of Roquetaillade (Gironde), in forest of Fontainebleau...
  • Stick of press : Paulette Andrieux
  • Countable administrator : Georges Martin-Cocher, Maurice Cottrant
  • Film 35mm, Eastmancolor, Franscope
  • Country origin : France, Italy
  • Duration : 92 minutes
  • Genre : Policeman comedy
  • Date de sortie : March 16th, 1967


♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : The police captain Paul Juve
  • Jean Marais : Jérôme Fandor, a journalist / Fantômas, the criminal
  • Mylène Demongeot : Hélène Gurn, the photographer and the fiancée of Jérôme
  • Jacques Dynam : The inspector Michel Bertrand
  • Henri Serre : André Berthier, the secretary of lord Mac Rashley
  • Jean-Roger Caussimon : Lord Edward Mac Rashley
  • Françoise Christophe : Lady Mac Rashley
  • André Dumas : Tom Smith
  • Robert Dalban : The Director of the newspaper
  • Jean Ozenne : Albert, the butler of Lord Mac Rashley
  • Max Montavon : Alexandre, the domestic
  • Rita Renoir : The speedboat who lowers from the plane
  • Guy Delorme : A leader of the Mafia
  • Dominique Zardi : The airline pilot
  • André Dumas : Tom Smith
  • Hubert de Lapparent : Richard
  • Henri Attal : Godfrey, the man to the old car
  • Paul Pavel : A member of the Mafia
  • Rico Lopez : A member of the Mafia
  • Antoine Baud : William
  • Michel Thomass : Le maharajah of Kimpura
  • Roger Trapp : The interpreter of maharajah
  • Pierre Palfray : The hired man of Fantômas
  • Bob Lerick : A member of the Mafia
  • Gilbert Servien : A member of the Mafia
  • Raymond Pellegrin : « The voice of Fantômas »
  • Roland Giraud : The guard of Fantômas, after the descent of the bed in elevator

♦ Around the film :

  • Only the plans of the credits were turned in Scotland close to Glasgow. Contrary to preceding film, Fantômas se dêchaine, which had made it possible all the team to appreciate Rome, no actor left the French territory and turning proceeded in factitious Scotland :
    • Castle Scottish of Lord Mac Rashley is it castle of Roquetaillade. The interior of the castle
      was reconstituted with the studio of Boulogne. Other films drew besides part of this beautiful fortification (restored by Purple the Duke) with the instar of Pacte des Loups.
    • The scenes of hunt on the moor were turned in Forest of Fontainebleau.
  • De Fantômas with James Jump : Max Douy, the person in charge for the decorations, will become the decorator of one of James Jump, Moonraker.