Fantômas se déchaîne is a French film realized by André Hunebelle, release in 1965.

It is the second shutter of trilogy of André Hunebelle devoted to the genius of the crime, enters Fantômas release in 1964 and Fantômas countre Scotland Yard left in 1967.

♦ Synopsis :

When professor Marchand, a famous inventive scientist of the telepathic ray allowing to control the human thought, disappears mysteriously, Fantômas is immediately suspected. To trap worrying it criminal, the Fandor journalist takes the place of professor Lefèvre, nearer collaborator to Merchant, at the time of a scientific congress with Rome. Unfortunately, to kidnap the scientist, Fantômas had the same idea and confusion is total…

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : Fantômas se déchaîne
  • Realization : André Hunebelle
  • Rzalization for the second team : Jacques Besnard
  • Scenario : Inspired by the characters of the novels of Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain
  • Adaptation : Jean Halain and Pierre Foucaud
  • Dialogue : Jean Halain
  • Production assistants : Jean-Pierre Desagnat, Michel Lang, Patrick Saglio, Renza Cerrato
  • Images : Raymond Lemoigne
  • Operator : Jean Benezech, Roger Delpuech and Henri Raichi, for the second team
  • Assisting operator : Bernard Noisette, Michel Lebon, Yves Agostini
  • Sound : René-Christian Forget, assisted of Jean Jack
  • Production : P.A.C, New Society of Etablishment Gaumont, Victory Films (Franco-Italienne)
  • Delegated producer : Paul Cadéac, Alain Poiré
  • Director of production : Cyril Grize and Giorgio Riganti
  • Producer's assistant : Ginette Bodin
  • In charge of press : Paulette Andrieux
  • Distribution : Gaumont
  • Music : Michel Magne (Editions Hortensia)
  • Decorations : Max Douy, assisted of Jacques Douy, Jean Forrestier, Henri Sonois
  • Editing : Jean Feyte, assisted of Colette Lambert
  • Script-girl : Charlotte Lefèvre, and for the second team Marie-Thérèse Cabon
  • Dresser : Ginette Manzon
  • Make-up : René Daudin, Anatole Paris
  • Hairstyles : Denise Lemoigne
  • Suits : Mireille Leydet
  • Leader wardrobe master : Jo Ranzato
  • Dresses : « Mille et une nuit » was created for Mylène Demongeot by Jacques Heim
  • Photographer of tray : Roger Corbeau
  • Model maker : Raymond Tournon
  • Interior designer : André Labussière
  • Special effect : Gil Delamare, Gérard Cogan, François Sune
  • Fights settled by Claude Carliez
  • General manager : Paule Pastic
  • Assistant manager  : Gilles Schneider, Maurice Touati, Luciano Pesciaroli
  • Countable administrator : Georges Martin-Cocher, Maurice Cottrant
  • Credits : The Films Bertho
  • Shooting : Paris Studio Film
  • Format : Franscope Eastmancolor - 2:35.1 Cinemascope - Monophonc sound - 35mm
  • Edtion : Laboratory G.T.C - Recording Westrex
  • Duration : 94 minutes
  • Genre : Police comedy
  • Date exit : December 8th, 1965 in Paris


♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : The police captain Paul Juve
  • Jean Marais : Fantômas / Jérôme Fandor / professor Lefebvre
  • Mylène Demongeot : Hélène Gurn, the photographer and the fiancée of Fandor
  • Jacques Dynam : The inspector Michel Bertrand
  • Olivier de Funès : Michel, the young brother of Hélène
  • Albert Dagnant : The professor Marchand
  • Robert Dalban : The writer of the newspaper « Le Point du Jour »
  • Florence Blot : The lady who waits in the toilet of the train
  • Christian Tomas : The inspector
  • Michel Dupleix : The inspector
  • Philippe Castelli : The inspector late
  • Robert Le Béal : The Minister decorating the police captain
  • Piero Tordi : The president of the assembly
  • Henri Attal : A bodyguard of Fantômas
  • Dominique Zardi : A bodyguard of Fantômas
  • Max Montavon : A supervisor of the institut
  • Jacques Marin : A railroad policeman
  • Jean Michaud : A director of the psychiatric private hospital
  • Mino Doro : The Swiss professor
  • Yvan Chiffre : A bodyguard of Fantômas
  • Eric Wasberg : The false bailiff during the assembly
  • Antoine Baud : A bodyguard of Fantômas
  • André Cagnard : A bodyguard of Fantômas
  • Arturo Dominici : The Canadian professor
  • Bob Morel : The hypnotized man
  • Antoine Marin :The inspector
  • Roger Lumont : The inspector (not credited)
  • Bob Lerich :The inspector
  • Pierre Palfray : A bodyguard of Fantômas (not credited)
  • Albert Daumergue : The waiter of the restaurant car
  • Raymond Pellegrin : The voice of Fantômas (not credited)
  • Gérard Moisan

♦ Around the film :

  • Olivier de Funès, son of Louis, appears for the first time at the screen in this film. It will on the whole play six times at the sides of his father, before becoming airline pilot.
  • Scenes volcanic eruptions of Vesuvius, place of the den of Fantômas, are extracted from film documentary Appointments of the devil of Haroun Tazieff.
  • It is the first French nuclear thermal power station (Chinon A1 startup in 1963 and which will produce electricity until in 1973) which was used as decoration with the misdeeds of Fantômas. Part of this site is now worth visiting since this power station, quickly called the Ball because of the engine and exchangers installed in steel a spherical building 55 meters in diameter, the museum of the atom shelters of Chinon since 1986. It is inside of this swell that professor Marchand works whereas Fantômas emerges to remove it. Other plans of film were also turned to Chinon, in particular the plan where the criminal inspects an army of busy laboratory assistants in his secret den.
  • Max Douy, the person in charge for the decorations and creator of the extravagant den of the genius of the evil, will become the decorator of one of James Jump, Moonraker.
  • During turning, at the time of its fifty and unième birthday, De Funès accepted a complete panoply of secret agent.
  • The cover of the first album of the group Fantômas represent the Spanish poster of Fantômas se dêchaine (in Spanish: Fantômas Amenaza Al Mundo). Although the official title of the album is Fantômas, much call this album Amenaza Al Mundo.

♦ Quotations :

  • Louis de Funès/the police captain Juve :

« What would you look like if Fantômas was arrested by zero-zero - some ? »

  • Considered as madman by the Italian police, Juve has just gone out of a psychiatric private hospital or he was locked, thanks to his faithful assistant Bertrand who returns him in taxi.

Bertrand (sententious) : « You know police captain, in our profession, sometimes it is better to be supposed to be for a madman than for an imbecile... »
Juve : « Well, er you then, you risk not the camisole ! »