Fripouillard et Cie is an Italian-French film realized by Steno, release in 1959.

♦ Synopsis :

Since the treasury ordered new taxes, all the storekeepers of the village are tourmented. The only one Torquato Pezzella, the rich trader of raincoats does not give in to the general despair. To escape the taxes, he offered itself a tax consultant, very respectable Hector Curto, who is in reality only an ignoramus on the subject. However Pezzella managed up to here to avoid the taxations thanks to the invaluable advice of his new partner. Until the day when an inspector of the general-purpose brigade, the redoubtable Fabio Topponi decides to verify himself the accounts department of this individual who grows rich at sight of eye and declares nothing to the State. The note is difficult to digest; the house Pezzella owes more than fifteen millions to the taxes. An unexpected event is however going to upset all the data…

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : Fripouillard et Cie
  • Realization : Steno
  • Scenario : Aldo Fabrizi, Roberto Gianviti, Ruggero Maccari, Vittorio Metz, Steno
  • Adaptation : Vittorio Metz, Roberto Gianviti
  • Dialogue (french version) : Jean Halain, Claude Labbe
  • Images : Marco Scarpelli
  • Music : Piero Piccioni (Orchestra supervised by the author - Editions musical "Fimamento" Rome)
  • Editing : Eraldo of Roma, assisted of Gilbert Natot
  • Sound : Pierre Calvet
  • Decorations : Giorgio Giovanninni, Andrea A. Tomassi
  • Production assistant : Mariano Laurenti
  • Film 35mm, black and white
  • Recording auditorium Simo in Boulogne-sur-Seine - Western Electric
  • Edition : Laboratory G.T.C of Joinville
  • Leader of production : Mario Cecchi Gori
  • Director of production : Pierre Laurent
  • Production : C.E.I - Incom, Champs Elysées Productions, New Society Etablishments Gaumont (Paris) - Lambor Films, Maxima Films, Compagnia Cinematografica (Rome) (Italo-French)
  • Duration : 105mn
  • Date exit : August 5th, 1959
  • Genre : Comedy


♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : Hector "Ettore" Curto, tax consultant
  • Totò : Torquato Pezzella, director of the store "Tessuti"
  • Aldo Fabrizi : Fabio Topponi, the general-purpose fiscal controller
  • Anna Campori : Dora Pezzella
  • Miranda Campa : The wife of Fabio
  • Luciano Marin : Augustin "Tino" Pezzella
  • Ciccio Barbi : The sergeant
  • Anna-Maria Bottini : Mara
  • Cathia Caro : Laura, the girl of Topponi
  • Jacques Dufilho : The director of the prison
  • Elena Fabrizi : The nurse
  • Ignazio Léone : The rural guard
  • Fernand Sardou : Ernesto Topponi, the uncle of Laura
  • Jean Bellanger : The prison guard
  • Miranda Campa : The wife of fabio
  • Nando Bruno : L'Ubracio
  • Piera Arico
  • Gianni Cobelli
  • Mario Corbelli
  • Cesare Fantoni
  • Lamberto Antinori