Hibernatus is a film Franco-Italian realized by Edouard Molinaro, release on September 10th, 1969.

♦ Synopsis :

1970. A man frozen in the ices of the North Pole is found miraculeusement alive at the end of 65 years by Franco-Danish forwarding. After investigation, it proves that it is about a young man named Paul Fournier, party in exploration in 1905 and miraculeusement preserved. Thanks to the miracles of science, Paul Fournier is then reanimated. The industrialist Hubert de Tartas learns with stupor that "Hibernated", which in comparison with the law must return in its rights after these many years of "absence", is not other than the grandfather of his Edmée wife, has who it owes most of her fortune…

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : Hibernatus
  • Realization : Édouard Molinaro and Pierre Cosson for the second team
  • Scenario : According to the eponymic detail of Jean Bernard-Luc created there 1957
  • Adaptation : Jean Halain, Jean Bernard-Luc and Jacques Vilfrid
  • Dialogue : Jacques Vilfrid, Louis de Funès
  • Music : Georges Delerue (Editions Hortensia)
  • Production : S.N.E. GAUMONT (France), RIZZOLI FILMS (Rome)
  • Director of production : Robert Sussfeld, Roger Debelmas
  • Delegated producer : Alain Poiré
  • Administrator of production : Guy Azzi
  • Distribution : Gaumont
  • Images : Marcel Grignon, Raymond Lemoigne
  • Operator : Jean-Paul Schwartz
  • Sound : René-Christian Forget
  • Decorations : François de Lamothe
  • Suits : Jacques Fonteray
  • Make-up : Anatole Paris
  • Editing : Robert Isnardon and Monique Isnardon
  • Photographer of tray : Roger Corbeau
  • General manager : Roger Boulais
  • And the technical collaboration of :
    • Christian Gallo
    • Vincent Darasse
    • Christian Christidès
    • Jacques Martin
    • Michel Lebon
    • The chenillettes SNO CAT are supplied by the society ALMAT
    • The modern furniture was chosen to DESIGN
  • Credits : Jean Fouchet Eurocitel
  • Shooting at the airport of Paris and in studios "Paris Studio Cinéma" of Billancourt
  • Auditorium of Paris Studio Cinéma
  • Edition : Laboratory G.T.C of Joinville
  • Country origin : France, Italy
  • Format : Colors (Eastmancolor) process Franscope - Mono sound
  • Genre : comedy
  • Duration : 78 minutes
  • Date exit : September 10th, 1969 (Paris)


♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : Hubert Barrère De Tartas, important industrialist
  • Claude Gensac : Edmée De Tartas, woman of Hubert, been born Fournier
  • Bernard Alane : Paul Fournier (« the Hibernated »)
  • Olivier de Funès : Didier De Tartas, the son
  • Michael Lonsdale : The professor Edouard Loriebat
  • Pascal Mazzotti : The professor Bibolini, psychiatrist
  • Martine Kelly : Sophie (the maid)
  • Paul Préboist : Charles (the servant)
  • Yves Vincent : M. Edouard Crépin-Jaujard
  • Annick Alane : Mme Crépin-Jaujard, the women
  • Éliette Demay : Évelyne Crépin-Jaujard, the girl
  • Jacques Legras : The lawyer to the Japanese "files"
  • Claude Piéplu : The General Secretary of the Home Office
  • Virginie Vignon : The maid
  • Evelyne Dassas : The assistant of the professor Bibolini
  • Monita Derrieux : The nurse
  • Robert Lombard : Mr Thomas, the guest
  • Robert Le Béal : The doctor of the rest home
  • Max Montavon : Rabier, the authorized agent
  • Carlo Nell : The reporter
  • Harry Max : The old man, the former companion of Paul
  • Gérard Paleprat : The bellboy
  • Paul Bisciglia : The modern priest
  • Raymond Malfray : The motorcyclist
  • Jean-Pierre Zola : The monk of the abbey
  • Bob Lerick : The teacher's aid who shaves " the hibernated "
  • Sylvain Levignac : An ambulance driver
  • Sébastien Floche : A bailiff of the General Secretary
  • Adrien Cayla-Legrand : The photographer
  • Jean Gold : The guest
  • Michel Duplaix : The guest at the spectacled beginning

♦ Quotations :

  • Hubert De Tartas (De Funès) to "l'Hiberné"

- And you are the big father of your mother, that is of my wife, and her name is not Clémentine, her name is Edmée... Edmée ! Edmée ! her name is Edmée !

  • Hubert De Tartas (De Funès) to Edmée De Tartas (Gensac)

- Are going to sleep us my hind, all this is going to arrange...
- You dream Hubert... Charles prepared you the guest room. Good night my friend !

  • Loriebat (Michaël Lonsdale) to Hubert De Tartas (De Funès)

- You nod !

  • The professor Bibolini (Pascal Mazzotti) in the abbey.

- I smell that I am going to tear... ../.. I tear ! ../.. I tore...

♦ Around the film :

  • Gaumont takes again the receipt of Oscar : a part with success, Edouard Molinaro, Louis De Funès, Claude Gensac, etc
  • The scene of the interview between Hubert de Tartas (Louis de Funès) and the Secretary General (Claude Piéplu) at summer turned in the room of the marriages of Town hall of Versailles. The hall of reception as well as the room of reception of the town hall were also used as decorations with film.