Jo is a French film realized by Jean Girault, release in 1971.

♦ Synopsis :

Antoine Brisebard, author with success, are victim of a Master singer who threatens to reach it by revealing the past of his wife. Determined to get rid of Jo, the person in charge for the blackmail, Antoine pretexts the writing of a police part in order to collect near which wants to hear it the ingredients of the perfect crime. It even plans to dissimulate the body of Jo under the kiosk that his wife offered to him for her birthday. Unfortunately, when Jo comes to seek the amount of money required, the plan imagined by Brisebard to eliminate it does not proceed as envisaged. Hardly eliminated Jo, Antoine receives the visit of Mrs. Cramusel a real-estate agent and Grunder couple obviously interested by the villa of Brisebard. Antoine has much evil to hide the corpse with the eyes of his visitors. It manages néamoins to bury the body in the hole dug to run the foundations of the kiosk. Two days after, whereas the kiosk rests on its foundations and that the Brisebard couple celebrates its installation, Antoine receives the visit of the Ducros inspector who teaches him that Jo was found died assassinated at his place. Antoine wonders then who it buried under the kiosk. It telephones all its relations to ensure itself of their presence and its strange attitude causes the concern of his wife. The following night, a violent one storm abbat on the villa of Brisebard and the kiosk threatens to break down. Antoine rises and prepares cement to consolidate the foundations. It is stopped by two shadies Leduc and Grandlouis which seek their friend Riri. But outside the kiosk breaks down and Leduc and Grandlouis deterrent the body of Riri of the foundations. They seize the towel of Riri (which contains 32000 "bricks") and give up, leaving the corpse to desperate Antoine…

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : Jo
  • Realization : Jean Girault
  • Scenario : Claude Magnier and Jacques Vilfrid, According to the play The Gazebo d'Alec Coppel and Myra Coppel
  • Production : Léo L. Fuchs
  • Music : Raymond Lefevre
  • Photography : Henri Decaë
  • Editing : Armand Psenny
  • Decorations : Sydney Bettex
  • Suits : Colette Baudot
  • Sound : René-Christian Forget
  • Poster designer : Clément Hurel
  • Country origin : France
  • Format : Colors - 1,66:1 - Mono - 35 mm
  • Genre : comedy
  • Durée : 85 minutes
  • Date exit : September 1st, 1971 (France)


♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : Antoine Brisebard
  • Claude Gensac : Sylvie Brisebard
  • Bernard Blier : Inspector Ducros
  • Michel Galabru : Tonelotti
  • Christiane Muller : Mathilde
  • Florence Blot : Mme Cramusel
  • Guy Tréjan : M° Adrien Colas
  • Ferdy Mayne : Mr. Grunder
  • Yvonne Clech : Mme Grunder
  • Micheline Luccioni : Françoise
  • Jacques Marin : Andrieux
  • Dominique Zardi : The duke
  • Henri Attal : Grand Louis
  • Paul Préboist : Sergeant
  • Jean Valmence : Representative
  • Carlo Nell : Plumerel
  • Non crédités :
  • Jacques Préboist : Gendarme
  • Marcel Gassouk : Plumber
  • Henri Guéguan : Worker
  • Has to deduct : Jean Droze (Riri).

♦ Around the film :

  • Second film adaptation of the play The Gazebo (1958) afterwards Un mort récalcitrant (The Gazebo) of George Marshall in 1959.
  • One of two films, the other being Des pissenlits par la racine, where De Funès kills somebody. FORGERY: In Fantômas se dêchaine, it kills four people.

♦ Quotation :

  • Antoine Brisebard looking at the kiosk : "But why I am the only man to the world the woman of which bought a kiosk !!!???"
  • Antoine Brisebard (Louis de Funès) and the inspecteur Ducros (Bernard Blier) :

« We are on first-name terms with the inspector Ducros. (Louis de Funès).
— Hello Antoine, how are you? (Blier arriving behind him)
— I did not wait for you !
— Ben, we are not any more on first-name te ?
— how are-voi ? how are-toi ? Oh ! how are you ?
— At the good hour... (Blier gives a big pat in the back to Funès) »