La Bande à Papa is a French film realized by Guy Lefranc, release in 1956.

♦ Synopsis :

What follows reveals key moments of the intrigue.
Fernand Jerome, small bank clerk of the "Credit Populaire", involuntarily puts in failure a holdup. Become the man who puts in escape of dangerous gangsters, his sudden notoriety makes fall into its arms the girl whom it courted in vain for a long time : Renee Merlerin. It is the girl of the police inspector Victor Merlerin. This last seeks the "Grand J", author of the holdup and which is not other than the father of Fernand, missing since years. With the table of engagement of young people, Merlerin will be neighbourly with the "Grand J" which it seeks in all France.

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : La bande à papa
  • Realization : Guy Lefranc
  • Scenario : Frédéric Dard, on an idea of Roger Pierre
  • Adaptation : Frédéric Dard
  • Dialogue : Frédéric Dard, Michel Audiard
  • Production ssistant : Claude Sautet
  • Images : Pierre Petit
  • Operator : Gilbert Chain
  • Music : Marcel Delannoy
  • Decorations : Georges Lévy
  • Editing : Robert and Monique Isnardon
  • Sound : Julien Coutellier
  • Make-up : Georges Bouban
  • Photographer of tray : Marcel Combes
  • Script-girl : Marie-Thérèse Cabon
  • General manager : Hubert Mérial
  • Outside manager : Jean Chaplain
  • Shooting from October 12th till November 26th, 1955 in the studios "Europe 1" and "Photosonor"
  • Film 35mm, black and white
  • Recording Posts Parisian - sound systeme Western Electric
  • Edition : laboratory L.T.C Franay, Saint-Cloud
  • Special effect : Lax
  • Leader of production : François Chavane
  • Director of production : Armand Bécue
  • Associated producer : Pierre Cabaud, R. Bézard
  • Administrator of production : Odette Susr
  • Production : Cinéphonic - General society of Film Management - Pathé Cinéma (France)
  • Distribution : Pathé Consortium
  • Duration : 92mn
  • Genre : Police comedy
  • First presentation the 27/04/1956


♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : The main inspector Victor Eugène Merlerin
  • Fernand Raynaud : Fernand Jérôme, the son of Joseph, employee in "Crédit Populaire"
  • Noël Roquevert : Joseph Jérôme said : "Grand J", the leader of the band
  • Jean-Marc Tennberg : La Postiche, the leader of the band
  • Henri Crémieux : The Professor, the leader of the band
  • Annie Noël : Renée Merlerin, the girl of the inspector, the lover of Fernand
  • Suzanne Dehelly : Gertrude, the grandmother of Fernand
  • Madeleine Barbulée : Mme Merlerin, the woman of the inspector
  • Geneviève Morel : The saleswoman of mimosa on the pavement
  • Marcel Bozzuffi : La Volaille, the leader of the band
  • Paul Crauchet : Marcel, the leader of the band
  • Pierre Duncan : Jo, the leader of the band
  • Gaston Orbal : The tailor
  • Paul Barge : The inspector Malabouis
  • Charles Bouillaud : The fire chief
  • Lucien Guervil : The dairyman
  • Michel Nastorg : The director of the police
  • Alain Nobis : The inspector Bécavet
  • Paul Rieger : The inspector
  • Palmyre Levasseur : The lady at the dairyman
  • Pierre-Jacques Moncorbier : The manager of the hotel
  • Charles Bayard : The customer to the bar
  • René Lefèvre-Bel : Mr Déricourt, director of the bank
  • Robert Blome : A colleague of Fernand
  • Dominique Marcas : A lady in the subway
  • Louis Massis : Mr Delbess, a colleague of Fernand
  • Edouard Francomme : The agent of the knocked out bus
  • Antonin Baryel
  • Françoise Honorat
  • Aurore Paquiss (intended Aurore Chabrol)
  • Jacques Bézard
  • Florence Blot ? : The first florist
  • Albert Michel ? : The warrant officer of fire brigades
  • Jean Ozenne ? : A bank manager

♦ Comments :

  • Florence Blot, quoted by the catalogues 1951-1955, appears neither with the credits nor with the screen. Its role was cut to the assembly where it was replaced by Genevieve Morel.
  • Albert Michel, quoted by the catalogues 1951-1955, appears neither with the credits nor with the screen. Its role was cut to the assembly, the only “visible” fireman (5 last mn of film) is Charles Bouillaud.
  • Jean Ozenne does not appear in film, the single bank manager which the intrigue comprises is interpreted by René Lefèvre-Bel.