La Putain respectueuse (sometimes titrated La P… respectueuse) is one play in an act and two tables of Jean-Paul Sartre published and represented the first time on November 8th, 1946 with Theatre Antoine (with Died without burial).

Adapted to the cinema in 1952 on a realized by Charles the Brabant and Marcello Pagliero, also adapted on television in 1974 by Andre Flédérick.

Personal comments : Louis de Funès is marked in the credits, he appears 25 seconds to 28 minutes and 15 seconds after the beginning of the film and he says : '' Vous voyez bien qu'il est sous? '' ; he plays the role of a consumer of the nightclub.

♦ Synopsis :

In the United States, in a city of the South, Lizzie, a prostitute, is embarked in spite of her in a history putting it at the catches with its conscience. It was victim of a rape in a train, officially made by a Black; in fact, it only was partially deceived, not by a Black but by the nephew of a senator, with friends, all drunk. They showed the two Blacks present in the compartment, killing one of them. The other, being itself escaped, unloads at the beginning of the part at Lizzie to make him promise to say the truth when it is questioned. It accepts.

To it, man, Fred, son from senator - this which is unaware of -, comes little by little to the history and wants to force Lizzie to tell that in fact the Blacks forced it and which the nephew of the senator is innocent. It refuses.

Two police officers and friends of Fred enter then who highly advise to him to sign a false deposition, going as far as trying to force it, but the senator, which was behind the door, dissuades, and approves from it Lizzie with an air of spite and fate.

Lizzie seems touched by the reaction of the senator and, little by little, the fact speech. This one exposes its vision of the things with a rhetoric without fault, handling accurately the spirit of the girl, and manages to tear off the signature to him. Lizzie in a last start, asks so that one tear the sheet - in vain.

"Hunting for the Negro" started in the streets. The senator returns with an envelope of one hundred dollars, rewards for the mother of the guilty nephew - about whom it had insisted at Lizzie to inspire to him by pity. The Black requires of Lizzie to hide it. It accepts, proposes to him to take the gun that it tends to him. This one refuses pretexting that it is black and that it cannot draw on a White :

" Lizzie : Take that! I say to you to take it.
Le Nègre : I cannot, Madam.
Lizzie : What ?
Le Nègre : I cannot draw on White.
Lizzie : They are White, Madam.
Le Nègre : They are White, Madam.
Lizzie : And then? Because they are white, they have the right to bleed you like a pig?
Le Nègre : They are White. "

Finally, le négre is made draw above by Fred. editor mavrick

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : La Putain respectueuse
  • Realization : Charles Barbant, Marcello Pagliero
  • Production assistant : François Gir
  • Scenario : Alexandre Astruc, Jacques-Laurent Bost
  • Author of the original work : Jean-Paul Sartre « according to the play La P… respectueuse »
  • Dialogue writer : Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Producteur : Charles Barbant, Georges Agiman
  • Compositeur de la Musique : Georges Auric
  • Cameraman : Jacques Natteau
  • Fitter : Monique Kirsanoff
  • Sound engineer : Tony Leenhardt
  • Director of the photography : Eugène Schüfftan
  • Make-up : Janine Jarreau, Georges Gauchat
  • Decorator : Maurice Colasson
  • Photographer of tray : Robet Joffres
  • Scripte : Lucile Costa
  • State control : Philippe Senne, Tonio Suné
  • Production : The Films Agiman, Artès Films
  • Director of production : Alexandre Kamenka
  • Origin of Distribution  : The Films Marceau (Paris)
  • Duration : 95mn
  • Genre : Comedy


♦ Distribution :

  • Barbara Laage : Lizzie Mc Kay
  • Ivan Desny : Fred
  • Walter Bryant : Sidney
  • Marcel Herrand : The senator
  • Yolande Laffon : Mary
  • Marie Olivier : Annie
  • André Valmy : The manager
  • Nicolas Vogel : A man
  • Jacques Hilling : The drunkard
  • Louis de Funès : The consumer of the nightclub
  • Jean Danet : The consumer of the nightclub
  • François Joux : The journalist
  • Roland Bailly :
  • François Martin :
  • Pierre Paulet :
  • Jean Harold :
  • Jacques Ary :
  • Luc Andrieux :
  • Gil Delamare :
  • Georges Patrix :
  • Bernard Farrel :
  • Grégoire Gromoff :
  • Martin Lepage :
  • Marie Grant :
  • Frédéric Bart :

♦ Distribution to the theater in 1946 :

  • Héléna Bossis : Lizzie
  • Yves Vincent : Fred
  • Robert Moor : The senator
  • Habib Benglia : The Negro
  • Roland Bailly : John
  • Maïk : James
  • Eugène Durand : First man
  • Michel Jourdan : Second man
  • Staged (not signed) : Julien Bertheau and Jean-Paul Sartre
  • André Masson's decoration builds by Jean Bertinnié

♦ Adaptations :

  • 1952 : La Putain respectueuse, film of Charles Brabant and Marcello Pagliero
  • 1974 : La Putain respectueuse, television film of André Flédérick.