La Soupe aux choux is a French film realized by Jean Girault, release in 1981.

♦ Synopsis :

Claude Ratinier, known as The Glaude and Francis Chérasse, known as Le Bombé, the first sabot-maker and the second shaft sinker, live in their country village of Bourbonnais, very in withdrawal of the modern life. One night, following a contest of farts, one extraterrestrial that The Glaude will name "La Denrée" unload in flying saucer of the Oxo planet in the garden of this one, which offers to him to eat soup with cabbages. The extraterrestrial one appreciating it soup, it takes along from there on its planet.

The vicinity is moved by the return tickets of the visitor but The Glaude and La Denrée bind very quickly in friendship. Shortly after the extraterrestrial one proposes to him to come to join it on its planet to make profit all Oxiens from the benefits from soup to cabbages, but The Glaude refuses by proposing its friendship with the Curvature. However caught up with by the adventures of the modern life, our two assistants more and more seriously plan to migrate on the Oxo planet.


♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : La soupe aux choux
  • Realization : Jean Girault
  • Scenario : Jean Halain according to th novel of René Fallet (Editions Denoël)
  • Adaptation : Jean Halain, Louis De Funès
  • Dialogue : Jean Halain
  • Credits : Les Films Michel François
  • Duration : 100mn
  • Date exit : December 2nd, 1981
  • Music : Raymond Lefèvre (Editions E.M.C.I)

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♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : Claude Ratinier, said Le Glaude, farmer clog maker of the hamlet "Les Gourdiflots"
  • Jean Carmet : Francis Chérasse, said Le Bombé or Le Cicisse, farmer well digger of the hamlet "Les Gourdiflots"
  • Jacques Villeret : The extraterrestrial of the planet "Oxo", said La Denrée
  • Christine Dejoux : La Francine, the woman "died" of Glaude
  • Claude Gensac : Amélie Poulangeard, "the innocent"
  • Henri Génès : The sergeant leader
  • Marco Perrin : The mayor
  • Gaëlle Legrand : Catherine Lamouette
  • Philippe Ruggieri : Robert, the new friend of Francine
  • Max Montavon : The brother of Amélie Poulangeard
  • Perrette Souplex : Aimée, the boss of "l'hôtel de France"
  • Jean-Pierre Rambal : The comment
  • Philippe Brizard : The factor
  • Inge Offerman : Mme Schoppenhauer
  • Georges Fabre : "The stand-in of Louis de Funès"
  • Carole Nugue :
  • Thierry Liagre :
  • Catherine Ohotnikoff :

♦ Comments :

This film, although very provided in gags of all kinds, shelters in fact a very pretty critical fable with respect to the modern world. Small country community of Jaligny puts at the variation the old ones in its escape distraught towards modernity. It tends towards a pragmatic and effective company which does not have any more a place for the antiquated remains of Gourdiflots.

On planet of extraterrestrial, this perfect company exists, but Oxiens look with desire our two little old woman. They seek the values and the benefits of the life of antan and would like to carry out a "return to the sources".

♦ Anecdotes :

  • Protagonists Louis De Funès and Jean Carmet find themselves again face to face in front of the same camera, which had not arrived for 19 years and the turning of film Le Diable et les Dix Commandements, of Julien Duvivier (1962). Admittedly, they appear both with the credits of film Les Bons Vivants (1965), but Jean Carmet in the sketch "Le procès" of Gilles Grangier tandis that Louis de Funès interpreted Leon Hoptin in the sketch "Les Bons Vivants" of George Lautner.
  • It is Guy Delécluse, person in charge for the design of the planet Krypton in Superman, which created the flying saucer in La Soupe aux choux. This one required four months of work.

The history is supposed to take place in Allier in Jaligny because of the novel but the turning of film proceeded in the Seine and Marne (77). The village which one sees in film is that of Champeaux (town hall, the post office, bakery, the place of the village). The 2 houses of the 2 protagonists were built for film with 2 or 5km of Brie-comte-robert in a field, they were dismounted at the end of film.