La Tentation de Barbizon is a French film directed by Jean Stelli, it was released in 1946.

This film has a special meaning in the history of popular French cinema as it introduces Louis de Funès for the first time. In the role of the Paradise Club’s doorman, the actor utters its first and only line in this film as he sees Pierre Larquay trying to pass through a close door: “Well, this one’s had enough for today.”

Personal comments : Louis de Funès is not marked in the credits but, he appears 37 seconds to 53 minutes and 11 seconds after the beginning of the film ; he plays the role of a doorman who says : '' Par ici, Monsieur! '' '' Bah! Il à son compte celui là aujourd'hui ". 

♦ Synopsis :

What follows reveals key moments of the intrigue.

The Devil wanders about on Earth in a harmless appearance and is trying to sow discord between two lovers, Michel and Martine. Their Guardian Angel, a charming fair-haired girl, puts everything back in order but not without having experienced the temptation of terrestrial loves.

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : La tentation de barbizon
  • Realization : Jean Stelli
  • Scenario : André-Paul Antoine
  • Adaptation and Dialogue : Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon
  • Production assistant : Roger Blanc
  • Images : Marcel Grignon
  • Operator : Maurice Pecqueux
  • Music : René Sylvano
  • Song : "Je suis à toi" of Jacques Poterat and Jean Stelli, interpreted by Jean-Pierre Dujay
  • Decorations : René Gys, Emile Alex
  • Sound : Paul Bertrand
  • Script-girl : Paulette Lirand
  • Editing : Claude Nicole, assisted of Lola Barache
  • Make-up : Jean-Paul Ulysse
  • Photographer of tray : Robert Joffres
  • Film 35mm, black and white
  • Production : Consortium of Production (France)
  • Director of production : Aimé Frapin
  • General manager : Charles De Savoye
  • Edition : Laboratory Modern Film in studios of Boulogne. Sound recording Western Electric. Technical Agent : Henri Sorbets
  • Duration : 100 mn
  • Genre : Comedy
  • First presentation the 13/03/1946


♦ Distribution :

  • Simone Renant : The angel and Eva Parker
  • François Périer : The devil and Ben Atkinson
  • Juliette Faber : Martine, the woman of Michel
  • Myno Burnay : Dominique Ancelin, the manager of the society
  • Pierre Larquey : Jérôme Chambon, the uncle of Martine and boss of the inn "Le rendez-vous des oiseaux"
  • Daniel Gélin : Michel Berthier, doorman of the society "Publi-Mondial"
  • André Bervil : Mr Stéphane, the gangster dice player
  • Jean Wall : The investigating judge
  • Henri Crémieux : The lawyer of Eva Parker
  • Jean Berton : The director of the hotel
  • Charles Vissières : The abbot during the feast of charity
  • Gérard Séty : The driver in front of the cabaret
  • Jean-Pierre Dujay : The singer
  • Nicolas Amato : The waiter of the cabaret
  • Henry Charrett : The inspector of the vice squad
  • Paul Barge : The inspector
  • Jean Sylvain : Bastien, the domestic of Mme Ancelin
  • Franck Maurice : The man in the charity fair
  • Albert Medina to confirm : The salesman on the feast of charity
  • The dog Captain
  • Louis de Funès : The doorman of the cabaret "Le Paradis"
  • Eugène Yvernes
  • Robert Balpo : Sir Bricard
  • Doris Marnier
  • Evelyn Nattier