Le blé en herbe is a French film realized by Claude Autant-Lara, release in 1953.

Personal comments : Louis de Funès is marked in the credits, he plays the role of a projectionist, he seems background behind the projector between 14 minutes and 37 seconds until 16 minutes and 50 seconds after the beginning of the film.
- He appears 20 seconds to 16 minutes and 30 secondes after the beginning of the film and says :
"Vos gueules hein! Vos gueules les parisiens, ça va !!"
- He appears 44 seconds to 40 minutes and 27 seconds after the beginning of the film and says :
"Hein! Il faut bien"
"Il est parti à pieds"
"Au bah alors là mon vieux, je réponds de rien"
"Bon enfin! Il y a longtemps"
"Oui bon ... on va essayer"
"Allez là! Ecartez-vous là dans, on fait cinquante aujourd'hui"

- He appears 1 minute and 25 seconds to 44 minutes and 33 seconds after the beginning of the film.

♦ Synopsis :

Phil is 16 years old and Vinca has 15 of them. They spend their holidays on a Breton beach with their families. They live coast at coast since childhood, more or less like brother and sister while knowing that they are not it. Phil makes to the knowledge of Mrs. Dalleray "the lady in white", very beautiful. It lived, it suffered and Phil east can be his last conquest. By it, Phil will not be any more one big boy but a young man and Vinca will be torn by the jealousy. "The lady in white" will move away leaving the two teenagers to the threshold from their lives from adults.

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : Le blé en herbe
  • Realiaation : Claude Autant-Lara
  • Scenario : According to the novel of Colette
  • Adaptation, Dialogue : Jean Aurenche, Pierre Bost, Claude Autant-Lara
  • Production assistant : Ghislaine Autant-Lara
  • Images : Robert Le Febvre
  • Operator : Jacques Natteau, assisted of Roger Delpuech
  • Music : René Cloërec
  • Decorations : Max Douy, assisted of Jacques Douy and Jacques Saulnier
  • Suits : Léon Zay, Monique Durand
  • Editing : Madeleine Gug
  • Sound : Antoine Petitjean
  • Make-up : Yvonne Fortuna
  • Hairstyles : Jean Lalaurette
  • Photographer of tray : Walter Limot
  • Script-girl : Denise Gaillard
  • General manager : Lucien Lippens, assisted of André Rameau
  • Shooting from July 27th till October 2nd, 1953
  • Film 35mm, black and white
  • Production : Franco London Films (France)
  • Leader of production : Henry Deutschmeister
  • Director of production : Louis Wipf
  • Distribution : Gaumont
  • Duration : 106mn
  • First presentation the 20/01/1954
  • Genre : Drama


♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : The itinerant projectionist
  • Edwige Feuillère : Mme Dalleray "the lady in white"
  • Nicole Berger : Vinca Ferret, the teenager
  • Pierre-Michel Beck : Phil Audebert, the teenager
  • Charles Deschamps : Mr Ferret, the father of Vinca
  • Renée Devillers : Mme Audebert, the mother of Phil
  • Hélène Tossy : Mme Ferret, the mother of Vinca
  • Janette Lucas : Lisette
  • Charles Camus : The tourist
  • Julienne Paroli : The grandmother
  • Robert Berri : The gendarme
  • Claude Berri : The son of the projectionist
  • Josiane Lecomte : Margot
  • Madeleine Suffel : The fishmonger
  • Louis Saintève : The priest
  • Simone Duhart : The woman of the projectionist
  • Philippe Chauveau
  • Yannick Malloire
  • Sylvie Dorléac

♦ Around the film :

Dalida quote "Le blé en herbe" in its song "Il venait d'avoir 18 ans".