Le Petit Baigneur is a film Franco-Italian realized by Robert Dhéry, release in 1968.

♦ Synopsis :

During the inauguration of the pride of the Fourchaume building sites, the fast patrol boat L'Increvable, the traditional champagne bottle transpierces the hull of the ship! Out of him, Louis-Philippe Fourchaume (Louis de Funès) at once the originator of the boat returns, André Castagnier (Robert Dhéry), before even as this one time had to teach him that another from its creations, a small baptized sailing ship with the revolutionary hull Petit Baigneur, has just gained in Italy, "regattas of San Remo" and the "Oscar of the Veil". Once informed and enticed by the commercial prospects for such a success, the owner of the building sites has one Sunday to try to catch up with his error. But the inventor is already courted by Marcello Cacciaperotti (Free Fabrizi) an Italian industrialist who makes him a gold bridge…

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : Le petit baigneur
  • Realization : Robert Dhéry and Claude Clément, for the second team
  • Scenario : Robert Dhéry
  • Adaptation : Robert Dhéry, Pierre Tchernia, Albert Jurgenson, Michel Modo, Claude Clément, Jean Carmet
  • Dialogue : Robert Dhéry
  • Production assistant : Gérard Guérin
  • Music : Gérard Calvi (Editions Eden)
  • Production : Films Corona (France), Films Copernic (France), Fono Roma (Rome) and Selenia Cinematografica (Rome)
  • Director of production : Georges Valon, Roger Morand
  • Leader of production : Robert Dorfmann
  • Associated producer : Maurice Jacquin, Bertrand Javal
  • Images : Jean Tournier
  • Operator : Adolphe Charlet
  • Editing : Albert Jurgenson, assisted of Jeannine Oudou
  • Sound : William Robert Sivel, assisted of Maurice Rémy, Georges Vaglio
  • Decorations : Jean André and Robert André, assisted of Théo Meurisse, Gabriel Béchir
  • Script-girl : Colette Robin
  • Photographer of tray : Jean-Louis Castelli
  • General manager : Lucien Lippens
  • Make-up : Pierre Berroyer
  • Suits : Tanine Autre
  • Jewels : Castel
  • Dresses : Jean Patou
  • Wigs : Carita
  • Special effect : Pierre Durin, Gérard Guesnier
  • Credits : Jean Fouchet F.L
  • Shooting in the studios of Boulogne and in the Seyne/Mer (83)
  • Country of origin : France, Italy
  • Format : Colors (Eastmancolor), process Franscope - Mono sound - Film 35mm
  • Edition : Laboratory Franay L.T.C Saint-Cloud - Westrex Electric
  • Distribution : Valoria Films
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Duration : 96 minutes
  • Date exit : March 22nd, 1968 (France)


♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : Louis-Philippe Fourchaume
  • Robert Dhéry : André Castagnier
  • Andréa Parisy : Marie-Beatrice Fourchaume
  • Colette Brosset : Charlotte
  • Franco Fabrizi : Marcello Cacciaperotti
  • Jacques Legras : Abbot Henri Castagnier
  • Michel Galabru : Scipion
  • Pierre Tornade : Jean-Baptiste Castagnier
  • Henri Génès : Joseph
  • Roger Caccia : Vigoret
  • Pierre Dac : Minister
  • Robert Rollis : Sailor of the Increvable
  • Yvette Dolvia : Mlle Rongibut (not credited)
  • Gérard Calvi : Leader of the brass band
  • Georges Adet : Guard of the construction site
  • Philippe Dumat : Player of drum of the brass band
  • Nicole Vervil : Mother of small Francis
  • Michèle Alexandre : Wife of the Minister
  • Hélène Dieudonné : The level-crossing keeper
  • Max Montavon : The bare man of the cabin
  • Georges Bever : The butler of Fourchaume
  • Pierre Tchernia : The president of the Jury
  • Claude Darget : The announcer of the nautical race
  • Faïda Faggin : Miss San Remo

♦ Around the film :

  • Certain scenes of film were turned in the department of Herault, in particular with the mouth of Aude and close to Béziers on the Channel of the South, when the boats borrow it Tubular bridge who spans Orb. By a race with the very random geography, the heroes of film find themselves in split of Toulon.