Les dents longues is a French film realized by Daniel Gélin, release in 1952.

Personal comments : Louis de Funès is marked in the credits, he plays the rôle of an employee of the laboratory photo, he appears :

Version VHS :
51 secondes at 31 minutes and 55 seconds after the beginning of the movie

Version DVD :
51 secondes at 31 minutes and 31 seconds after the beginning of the movie

♦ Synopsis :

Young journalist with the long teeth, Louis Commander leaves Lyon and goes up to Paris. Walter, writer in chief of the daily newspaper with high circulation figure "Paris France" takes it in sympathy and supports his rise. Pushed by his ambition, Commander does not have of cease to occupy the station of Walter, whom it obtains while lending itself to the schemes of a politician dishonest person. It misses losing there the love and the honest affection of his wife, Eve who however returns to him, fascinated by her will of success

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : Les dents longues
  • Realization : Daniel Gélin
  • Technical adviser : Marcel Camus
  • Scenario : According to the novel of Jacques Robert "Les dents longues"
  • Adaptation : Michel Audiard, Marcel Camus, Daniel Gélin, Jacques Robert
  • Dialogue : Michel Audiard
  • Production assistants : Jacques Bourdon, Roland Bernard
  • Images : Robert Juillard, assisted of Daniel Diot, Bob Pater
  • Operator : Walter Wottitz
  • Music : Paul Misraki (Editions Impéria)
  • Decorations : Robert Clavel, assisted of Jacques Douy and Marc Desage
  • Editing : Louisette Hautecoeur, assisted of Denise Natot, Anne-Marie Forrer-Jouvet
  • Sound : Robert Biart, assisted of Victor Revelly and Jacques Gérardot
  • Make-up : Jean Ulysse, Pierre Gauthier
  • Hairstyles : Simone Knapp
  • Photographer of tray : Walter Limot
  • Script-girl : Nicole Benard, Sophie Becker
  • General manager : Jean Mottet, assisted of Roger Descoffre
  • Outside manager : Guy Maugin, Georges Kougoucheff
  • Shooting from September 15th till November 18th, 1952 in the studios : Paris Studio Cinema in Billancourt
  • Film 35mm, black and white
  • Production : Jacques Roitfeld, Sirius (France)
  • Leader of production : Jacques Roitfeld
  • Producer's assistant : Madeleine Caron
  • Distribution : Society of films Sirius
  • Tirage : Laboratory Lianofilm in Malakoff, Sound system Western Electric
  • First presentation the 11/03/1953
  • Duration : 105mn
  • Genre : Comedy drama


♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : The employee of the laboratory photo
  • Danièle Delorme : Eva Commandeur, the woman of Louis
  • Daniel Gélin : Louis Commandeur, the husband of Eva, ambitious journalist
  • Jean Chevrier : Mr Walter, the chief editor of "Paris-France"
  • Louis Seigner : Antoine Josserand, the director of the weekly Lyonnais "Le Canut"
  • Jean Debucourt : Mr Goudal,close co-worker of Mr Walter
  • Colette Mars : Carmen, the organizer of the evening
  • Olivier Hussenot : André Maurienne, the judicial columnist
  • Gaby Bruyère : Maud, the mistress of Mr Bruni
  • Louis Bugette : "Dad", the photographer of the newspaper
  • René Hieronimus : Mr Renoir, a co-worker of Mr Walter
  • Robert Rollis : Bob, the barman of the discotheque
  • Joëlle Bernard : Raymonde Josserand, the woman of Antoine
  • Roger Vadim : A witness in the marriage of Louis and Eva
  • Brigitte Bardot : The woman of the witness in the marriage
  • Judith Magre : The secretary of Louis in the newspaper
  • Yvette Etievant : Yvonne, the secretary of Mr walter
  • Christian Argentin : Mr Bruni, the unreliable politician
  • Paul Ville : Mr Bourdon, the administrator of the newspaper "Le Canut"
  • René Lacourt : The caretaker of the building
  • Guy Favières : The doorman of the newspaper
  • François Vibert : Mr Hirsch, uthe member of council of the newspaper
  • Jacques Harden : Mr Caraten, the guest in the evening
  • Emile Genevois : The man who puts back a package to the driver of Mr Walter
  • André Dalibert : The butler of the restaurant
  • Henri Coutet : The journalist
  • Pierre Olaf : The photographer of the newspaper
  • Edouard Francomme : The bar
  • Charles Bayard : The member of council of the newspaper
  • Bernard Musson : The journalist of "Paris-France"
  • Bruno Cremer : The man going out of the box
  • Jacques Ary : The driver of Mr Walter
  • Claude Vernier :The journalist
  • Jacques Ciron : The journalist of "Paris-France"
  • Maurice Barnay
  • Jacques Chevalier
  • Dominique Marcas
  • Pierre Leproux
  • Michel Dancourt
  • Georges Montant
  • André Saint-Luc
  • Jean Brunel
  • André Var
  • Frédéric Valmain
  • Jeanne Herviale