Les temps sont durs pour les vampires (original title: Tempi duri per i vampiri) is a Franco-Italian fantasy comedy directed by Steno, released in 1959, with Renato Rascel, Sylva Koscina and Christopher Lee.

Personal comments : Louis de Funès is not marked in the credits, he does not appears of the film but, he doubles the voice of a man on the beach :

He plays :
- to 1 hour, 7 minutes and 8 seconds ; he says : '' qui ta fait ça ? » « alors il y a un autre homme ? »

♦ Synopsis :

En Italie, Le Baron Osvaldo Lambertenghi décide de transformer son château en hotel. Malheureusement son aïeul, Le Baron Roderico da Frankurten qui ce trouve être un vampire va au château et mord Osvaldo. Il est dorénavant dangereux pour les clients de passer une nuit dans cet établissement.

Specification sheet :

  • Exit Italy : the 28 october 1959 / Exit French the 8 august 1962
  • Duration : 96 minutes
  • Exit in VHS but always unpublished in DVD

♦ Distribution :

  • Renato Rascel (VF : Roger Carel): Baron Osvaldo Lambertenghi
  • Christopher Lee (VF : Michel Piccoli): Baron Roderico da Frankurten
  • Sylva Koscina (VF : Michèle Montel): Carla
  • Antje Geerk (VF : Jany Clair): Liliane
  • Lia Zoppelli (VF : Sylvie Deniau): Letizia
  • Rik Van Nutter (VF : Jean-Pierre Duclos): Victor, the singer
  • Suzanne Loret:Susan, blonde american tourist
  • Kai Fischer: Kai, redhead american tourist
  • Carl Wery (VF : Serge Nadaud): Hotel manager
  • Franco Scandurra : Professor Striker
  • Angelo zanolli: Paolo, the fisrt playboy
  • Franco Giacobini (VF : Jacques Dynam): The second playboy
  • Antonio Mambretti (VF : Jean-Paul Moulinot): Alberto Fortini
  • Federico Collino: Visnaghi
  • Leonardo Porzio (VF : Hubert Noel): The husband of Gwendoline

♦ Analysis :

Surrounded by his recent success in Le Cauchemar de Dracula (1958), British actor Christopher Lee chooses Italy to take on the role of vampire for the first time, which made him world famous. His choice is ironically based on a comedy where, far from caricaturing his own performance on behalf of the Hammer, he paradoxically contributes to the parody by playing his character with the utmost seriousness. He will adopt exactly the same attitude, fifteen years later, in another vampiric comedy with a similar canvas: Dracula father and son (1976) by Edouard Molinaro.

Here, the comic part of the film rests, ultimately, almost exclusively on the outrageous performance of the Italian comedian Renato Rascel, very comfortable in the role of the weakened vampire.

♦ Dubbing of the film :

  • In the French version, the voices of Renato Rascel and Christopher Lee are respectively dubbed by Roger Carel and Michel Piccoli.
  • In the English version, the voice of Christopher Lee is dubbed by another actor.
  • In the Italian version, the voice of Christopher Lee is doubled by Glauco Onorato.