Mon pote le gitan is a French film realized by François Gir, release in 1959.

Personal comments : Louis de Funès is marked in the credits, he plays the role of an editor, he appears :

1 minute at 3 minutes and 50 seconds after the beginning of the movie

♦ Synopsis :

The "Védrines", whose head of household is an editor, are prosperous and highly respected in Paris. The "Pittuiti", are gipsies who camp in the suburbs. The Zita young person belongs to the tribe and meets Théo Védrines, the kid of the editor, déluré seducer. Zita is soon obliged to announce with its family until it waits a child. Scandal at the "Pittuiti", which charges the brother of Zita with applying the law of retaliation, Bruno must allure in its turn, joke it Gisele Védrines. Why not? But while Théo becomes little by little anarchistic, Bruno embourgeoise more especially as Védrines discovers a true talent of writer to him. Bruno and Gisele will be as happy all the same as can be to it Théo and Zita.

Specification sheet :

  • Title : Mon pote le gitan
  • Realization : François Gir
  • Scenario : According to the detail Les Pittuiti's of Michel Duran
  • Adaptation : Guy Lionel, Alain Blancel, François Gir
  • Dialogue : Michel Duran
  • Production assistants : Alain Blancel, Francis Caillaud
  • Images : Michel Rocca
  • Operator : Charles-Henri Montel
  • Music : Marc Héral
  • Decorations : Louis Le Barbenchon
  • Editing : Suzanne De Troeye
  • Sound : Jacques Gallois
  • Photographer of tray : Jean Klissak
  • Script-girl : Suzet Forest
  • General manager : André Baud
  • Shooting from June 20th till July 31st, 1959
  • Film 35 mm, black and white
  • Leader of production : André Labrousse, André Baud
  • Production : Floralies Films, C.I.C.C, Licorne Films (France)
  • Distribution : C.C.F.C
  • Duration : 87 mn
  • Genre : Comedy
  • First presentation the December 2nd, 1959


♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : M. Gaston Védrines, editor
  • Jean Richard : M Pittuiti, the gypsy
  • Grégory Chmara : The "Grandpa"
  • Michel Subor : Bruno Pittuiti, the son of the gypsy
  • Guy Bertil : Théo Védrines, the son of the editor
  • Lila Kedrova : The "Choute"
  • Brigitte Auber : Odette, the maid
  • Simone Paris : Mme Védrines
  • Anne Doat : Gisèle Védrines, the girl
  • Joseph Reinhardt : The musician
  • Thérésa Dmitri : Zita Pittuiti, the girl
  • Jacqueline Caurat : The reporter
  • Luce Fabiole
  • Jacques Verrières
  • Odile "Maguy" Poisson
  • Robert Destain
  • François Bonnefois
  • Eliane Martel
  • Monique Dagand