Sa majesté Monsieur Dupont (Comunione preceded) is an Italian film realized by Alessandro Blasetti, release in 1950.

Personal comments : Louis de Funès is not marked in the credits, he does not appears of the film but, he doubles the voice of a photographer, Petradzeli.

We hear him to 8 minutes and 44 seconds after the beginning of the film and he says : '' Un instant je vous prie ! Là ! Je vous en prie regarder par ici ! Je vous en supplie, merci ! Attention !! Voilà ! Garder la pose merci ! Souriez comme tout à l'heure, là ! Bravo ! ''

♦ Synopsis :

Rich person confectioner Roman, Mr. Dupont is proud of exhiber his car new. It dreams to lead it with, at its sides, beautiful the tenant of the first stage. The occasion is given to him by it by the need for going to seek the first communion dress of her daughter, who is still not delivered. But charming it close this offer refuses. It is thus alone which Mr. Dupont sinks in the streets, one catches infringment and arrives to dressmaker. But at the time to set out again, the car breaks down. Race with the taxis. Impossible to have one of them. Remain it trolley bus. Cries, scuffles, insults. To be freer of its movements, it entrusts the package containing the dress to a passer by for a few moments. But the finished argument, passing it disappeared and wraps it with. That to make? It is finally beautiful first which offers one of its evening gowns to cut the first communion dress there. Everyone business. The cardinal must arrive one minute with the other to chair the ceremony. Mr. Dupont vainly tries to delay this one. Thanks to the address embroidered by the dressmaker, the true dress is brought back by the passer by. Relief. The bells of this day sound of Easter.

Specification sheet :

  • Title : Sa majesté Monsieur Dupont
  • Italian title (original) : Prima communione
  • Realization : Alessandro Blasetti
  • Scenario : Cesare Zavattini, Alessandro Blasetti and Suso Cecchi d'Amico, according to the history of Cesare Zavattini
  • French dialogue : Jean Ferry
  • Images : Mario Craveri
  • Decorations : Sergio Baldacchini
  • Artistic councillor : Venerio Colasanti
  • Editing : mario Serandrei
  • Music : Alessandro Cicognini
  • Production : Universalia (Rome), Franco-London-Film (Paris)
  • Director of production : P. Motta
  • Distribution : Sirius
  • Year : 1950
  • Duration : 85 min approximately
  • Film 35mm, black and white
  • Country : Model : Italy
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Date exit :
    • Italy : September 29th, 1950
    • France : December 15th,1950


♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : The voice a photographer Petradzeli
  • Aldo Fabrizi : M. Carloni / M. Dupont
  • Gaby Morlay : Maria Carloni / Mme Dupont
  • Ludmilla Dudarova : Signorina Ludovisi
  • Lucien Baroux : The Archibishop / The archpriest
  • Enrico Viarisio : The passenger of the trolley bus
  • Jean Tissier : Il medico sul taxi / The doctor of the taxi
  • Andriana Mazzotto : The girl of Dupont
  • Max Elloy
  • Dante Maggio
  • Umberto Sacripante
  • Lauro Gazzolo
  • Ernesto Almirante
  • Aldo Silvani