Capitaine pantoufle is a French film realized by Guy Lefranc, release in 1953.

Personal comments : Louis de Funès is marked in the credits, he plays the role of the director of a bank, he has a leading part.

♦ Synopsis :

Emmanuel Bonnavent, small bank clerk, takes more than 800.000 Frs in the case, only to have the impression to be rich during one evening, but with the intention to return them. The director learns the flight with his wife, his father-in-law and his mother-in-law ; taken of short, Emmanuel pretends an attack. That enables him to learn all that its close relations think of him. Only Zite, the small maid, likes it sincerely, and Emmanuel considers one moment to leave with it. It does not have courage, covers officially its spirits, returns the money and takes again of it its monotonous life, whose only luxury consists in sometimes going to dream in front of the beautiful sailing ship of a second-hand dealer.

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : Capitaine pantoufle
  • Realization : Guy Lefranc
  • Scenario : According to the play of Alfred Adam "Many"
  • Adaptation et Dialogue : Alfred Adam
  • Production assistant : Maurice Delbez
  • Images : Maurice Barry
  • Operator : Gilbert Chain, assisted of Max Lechevallier
  • Music : Marc Lanjean
  • Decorations : Henri Morin, assisted of Georges Levy and Fred Marpaux
  • Editing : Raymond Lamy
  • Sound : Raymond Gaugier
  • Make-up : Maguy Vernadet
  • Photographer of tray : Raymond Heil
  • Script-girl : Nicole Benard
  • General manager : Irénée Leriche, assisted of Hubert Mérial
  • Interior designer : Robert Christidès
  • Shooting from april 8th till may 24th, 1953 in the studios "Paris Studio Cinéma de Billancourt"
  • Film 35mm, black and white
  • Production : Gaumont - Paul Wagner - C.A.P.A.C (France)
  • Leader of production : Alain Poiré, Paul Wagner, Paul Claudon
  • Director of production : Robert Sussfeld
  • Edition : Laboratory G.T.C - Western Electric
  • Distribution : Gaumont
  • First presentation the July 31st, 1953
  • Duration : 90mn
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Visa of exploitation : 13929

♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : Mr Rachoux, the director of the bank
  • François Périer : Emmanuel Bonnavent, second-in-command of the bank
  • Marthe Mercadier : Claire Bonnavent, the woman of Emmanuel
  • Michèle Monty : Carmen, the prostitute
  • Noël Roquevert : Mr Cauchard, the father of Claire
  • Jane Marken : Mme Cauchard, the mother of Claire
  • Jean Brochard : Mr Lesurpied, a colleague of Emmanuel
  • Dominique Page : Zite, the maid
  • Pierre Mondy : Henri, the friend of Emmanuel
  • Françoise Spira : The red lady
  • Judith Magre : The friend of Carmen
  • Paul Faivre : Mr Charnudet, the cashier of the bank
  • Léonce Corne : The doctor
  • Maguy Horiot : The cashier of the coffee
  • Richard Francoeur : Mr Lamberjeton
  • Jean Sylvain : The salesman of capes
  • Jacques Jouanneau : The barman of "Goéland"
  • Christian Lude : The customer buyer of car
  • Roger Legris: The "marin"
  • Jean Berton : The customer buyer of car
  • Charles Bayard : The boss of "marin"said : "Le Bosco"
  • Pierre-Jacques Moncorbier : The waiter
  • Michel Nastorg : The salesman of car of "garage du centre"