Le Gendarme et les Extra-terrestres is a French film realized by Jean Girault, release in 1979.

♦ Synopsis :

The members of the gendarmerie squad of Saint-Tropez fall from the naked ones, when they meet the ones after the others their doubles, in the form of extraterrestrial being peaceful. The arrival of a flying saucer, the emotion which it starts and the fear of the unknown will make come the press from the whole world in this pretty small city of the edge of sea. But how to recognize truths gendarmes of the forgeries ? How to recognize human E.T which take the appearance of all one each one ?

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : Le gendarme et les Extra-terretres
  • Realization : Jean Girault
  • Scenario : Jacques Vilfrid
  • Production : Gérard Beytout
  • Music : Raymond Lefevre
  • Photography : Marcel Grignon and Didier Tarot
  • Editing : Michel Lewin
  • Decorations : Sydney Bettex
  • Poster designer : Clément Hurel
  • Country of origin : France
  • Format : Colors - 1,66:1 - Mono - 35 mm
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Duration : 96 minutes
  • Date exit : January 31st, 1979 (France)


♦ Distribution :

  • Louis de Funès : The marshal of lodging houses-leaders Ludovic Cruchot
  • Michel Galabru : The warrant officer Alphonse Gerber
  • Maurice Risch : The gendarme Beaupied
  • Jean-Pierre Rambal : The gendarme Taupin
  • Guy Grosso : The gendarme Tricard
  • Michel Modo : The gendarme Berlicot
  • France Rumilly : Sister Clotilde (The nun)
  • Jean-Roger Caussimon : The bishop
  • Mario David : The thief of the tin of oil
  • Jacques François : The colonel
  • Maria Mauban : Joséfa Cruchot
  • Pierre Repp : The owner of the tin
  • Lambert Wilson : The young extraterrestrial
  • Madeleine Delavaivre : Sister képi Gerber
  • Micheline Bourday : Mme Cécilia Gerber
  • Jacqueline Jefford : Sister the stature rugby player
  • René Berthier : Berthier, the assistant of the colonel

♦ Around the film :

  • Turning proceeded with Beach of Pampelonne, like in Saint-Tropez, in Var.
  • To note, appearances of Henri Genes (the owner of the restaurant Le Cabanon), Pierre Reference mark (the mechanic) and Wilson lambert (the extraterrestrial one which speaks with Beaupied), which took its first steps of actor. Maria Mauban the role began again of Claude Gensac for this episode.

♦ Anecdote :

  • In 2006, Bénabar evoke this film - not without some irony - in its song entitled Le Dîner. The narrator indeed seeks to escape a dinner with friends, because :

"There a super good film has on TV this evening. A masterpiece of the 7e art that I would like to re-examine, a drama very committed on the police force of Saint-Tropez. It is a social satire whose central character is played by Funès, in has the extraterrestrial ones there."

♦ See also :

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  • 1965 : Le gendarme à New York, of Jean Girault
  • 1968 : Le Gendarme se marie, of Jean Girault
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  • 1982 : Le Gendarme et les Gendarmettes, of Tony Aboyantz and Jean Girault