Le gentleman d'Epsom, also release under the title Les Grands Seigneurs, is a French film realized by Gilles Grangier, release in 1962.

♦ Synopsis :

What follows reveals key moments of the intrigue.
Richard Briand-Charmery is known on all the racecourses where it is called "the Commander". With Longchamp with Charly, a stable boy, it swindles those to which it yields pipes. A butcher, an owner of night club, Arthur his friend… then the restorer: Gaspard Ripeux. The every thin day of cows, it will dine in his Therese sister, by being unaware of the sarcastic remarks of his Hubert brother-in-law. Richard meets Maud, a woman whom he loved formerly. It invites it to the restaurant and pay royally an addition of 280.000 Frs with a rubber check. It voluntarily extorts 100.000 Frs that it put on a dead loss. The horse gains. It convinces Ripeux to give all that it is supposed to have gained on a horse which can bring back million. The horse loses. In another race, one gives him by error of the tickets for another therefore. It throws them, furious. It is this horse which gains. Richard finds the tickets and boxes the strong sum.

♦ Specification sheet :

  • Title : Le gentleman d'Epsom
  • Realization : Gilles Grangier
  • Scenario : Albert Simonin
  • Adaptation : Albert Simonin, Gilles Grangier, Michel Audiard
  • Dialogue : Michel Audiard
  • Production assistants : Jacques Rouffio,and Claude Clément, for the second team
  • Images : Louis Page
  • Operator : André Dumaine, assisted of Pierre Charveyet Maurice Kaminsky and Albert Militon (for the second team)
  • Sound : Jean Rieul
  • Recorder : Gabriel Salagnac
  • Perchman : Marcel Corvaisier
  • Decorations : Jacques Colombier, assisted of Olivier Girard, Georges Richard
  • Editing : Lucien Desagneaux, assisted of Roger Cacheux
  • Music : Francis Lemarque, Michel Legrand; (Editions France Melody) - "La valse triste"" of Sibélius (Editions Breitkopf and Martel Wiesbaden)
  • General manager : René Fargeas
  • Assistant manager : Jean Drouin
  • Interior designer : Albert Volper
  • Make-up : Yvonne Gasperina, Marcel Bordenave
  • Suits : J.Gabin is dressed by Opelka
  • Photographer of tray : Marcel Dole
  • Property man : René Albouze
  • Script-girl : Martine Guillou
  • Film 35 mm - black and white
  • Edition : C.T.M, studios "Franstudio" of Saint-Maurice
  • Special effect : LAX
  • Recording Posts Parisian, Westrex Recording
  • Shooting of the studios of "Franstudio"
  • Production : City Films - Cipra Films - (Paris), Compagnia Cinematografica Mondial (Rome) - Franco-Italian
  • Leader of production : Jacques Bar
  • Director of production : Jacques Juranville
  • First presentation the October 3rd, 1962
  • Duration : 82 minutes (1h22)
  • Genre : Comedy


♦ Distribution :

  • Jean Gabin : Richard Briand-Charmery, said "Le Commandant"
  • Louis de Funès : Gaspard Ripeux, the cardiac Auvergne restaurant owner
  • Jean Lefebvre : Charly the "tubeur"
  • Paul Frankeur : Arthur, the boss of the gambling club
  • Franck Villard : Lucien, the boss of the nightclub
  • Madeleine Robinson : Maud, the former mistress
  • Joëlle Bernard : Ginette, the woman of Lucien
  • Josée Steiner : Béatrice, the niece of Richard
  • Marie-Hélène Dasté : The aunt Berthe
  • Aline Bertrand : The boss of the bar
  • Camille Fournier : Thérèse, the sister of Richard
  • Georgette Peyron : The player
  • Jean Martinelli : Hubert, the husband of Thérèse
  • Paul Mercey : Oscar Robineau, the provincial
  • Alexandre Rignault : Charlot
  • Albert Dinan : Léon, the three-card trick
  • Jacques Marin : Raoul, the butcher racegoer
  • Léonce Corne : Mr Freedman, a player
  • Albert Michel : A player
  • Marcel Bernier : A player
  • Edouard Francomme : A player
  • René Hell : A player
  • Robert Blome : A player
  • Léon Zitrone : In his own role, commentator
  • Raymond Oliver : In his own role on the TV
  • Paul Faivre : The recorder of tickets P.M.U
  • Roger Dutoit : A spectator of the game of ball
  • Charles Millot : The director of the Russian nightclub
  • Pierre Collet : A punter a binoculars
  • Michel Thomass : The Russian singer of the box
  • Pierre Durou : A player
  • Jean Bérard : A player
  • Edith Ker : The cloakroom lady to the restaurant
  • Jean-Claude Remoleux
  • Louis Saintève
  • Marcel Bertheau
  • Jean Degrave
  • Pierre Vernet